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TempoPerfect Metronome For Pocket PC 3.01

TempoPerfect Metronome For Pocket PC 3.01: Keep the beat with this metronome that runs on a Windows CE device. Perfect is a Metronome that runs on a Windows CE device. Unlike mechanical metronomes that wind down, TempoPerfect provides a clear and precise beat that can be accurately adjusted for the correct bpm. TempoPerfect is an essential tool for any musician. Designed to help musicians play in time, TempoPerfect creates beat patterns using a combination of accented beats and normal beats. For example, you can have 3+2 timing, or X-x-x-X-x visually. The

Ace RGBmachine 1.0: With our exclusive color correction engine you can edit upto 20 shots per minute
Ace RGBmachine 1.0

Extremely fast but very accurate color correction tool. Consider that you can process 10 or 20 digital shots per minute! Besides, the program uses exclusive color correction engine for extra accuracy. Ace RGBmachine does not include usual file-open or file-save dialogs. The organization of processing reminds reloading in automatic weapon: as soon as you have finished with one image, another is available for processing.

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TypeBlaster 1.0

TypeBlaster is an educational video game that improves typing speed It makes it fun for people of all ages to quickly and accurately improve their typing skills and keyboard recognition. It uses the latest 3D video game technology and runs on windows 2000 and XP with a current video card. The challenge is to get the highest typing speed before time runs out. You can select 1, 3 or 5 minute sessions.

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FlashCam Rebroadcasting server 1.0: This package includes Rebroadcasting server for FlashCam client and PHP scripts.
FlashCam Rebroadcasting server 1.0

In this package included Rebroadcasting server for FlashCam client and set PHP scripts for user management, models management, per-minute billing, statistics. Supports both free and private chat sessions. Flash based video encoding and broadcasting without needs to use Flash Media Server.

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